Library Image

  1. Act as a platform for fulfilling learning resource requirement.
  2. Maintain contemporized learning tools as library resources.

  • Library and Internet facilities are available as per AICTE norms.
  • The central library is available to the staff and student.
  • For effective utilization of library, separate slot is provided in the time table.
  • All computer systems are connected through LAN with the internet facility.

  • The library is fully automated with Autolib software.
  • Open access facility is available to the students for selection of required books.

Sr. No. Name of Staff Designation
1 Ms. S.N. Kokate Librarian
2 Mr. V.B. Burgute Lecturer
3 Mrs. S. K. Jadhav Lecturer
4 Mr. G. R. Hole Lecturer
5 Mrs D. R. Patil Lecturer
6 Ms. S. U. Mohite Lecturer
7 Mrs. N. B. Bhongade Lecturer
8 Ms. Y. K. Veer Lecturer
9 Mrs. P. A. Nikam Lecturer
10 Mr. V.K Sambhar Lecturer

  1. Organizing Training session for use of various resources available in the library.
  2. Display of available facilities at prominent location in all department.
  3. Celebrating readers’ day.
  4. Organizing events for creating awareness among the user for utilization of library resources.
  5. Displaying latest arrivals.
  6. Recommend the best resource to the user.
  7. Declaring best user of the week.
  8. Extending better services to reader like, conveying availability of demanded books and Journals.
  9. Requesting department to allocate appropriate slot in time table for visiting the library.
  10. Drafting policy for appropriate use of library for student and Faculty members.
  11. Change in timing of library for its utilization considering availability of time for user.
  12. Organizing book exhibition in departments for awareness.

Sr. No. Journal Magazines International Journal
1 865 615 10
Sr. No. Branch Titles Volumes
1 Mechanical Engineering 267 3761
2 Computer Engineering 270 2510
3 Information Technology 254 1300
4 Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering 257 2515
5 Civil Engineering 152 1505
6 General Science 204 2154
7 General 50 100
Total 1454 13845