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To foster an conducive environment of teaching and learning in the institute through an effective and efficient academic monitoring system.

To maintain an effective diagnostic approach towards all learners through student centric approach while ensuring implementation of Outcome Based Education (OBE).

To strengthen academics in the institute by achieving higher learning outcomes ensuring fulfilment of Program Outcomes (GAs).
To provide opportunities to faculty members for enhancing their skills and competencies.
To design, develop and implement appropriate teaching, learning and evaluation processes.

• To provide academic planning of the institute.
• Conduct academic audits in all the departments before commencement of semester and provide audit reports to heads of the department.
• Formulate policy for subject distribution.
• Formulate policy for faculty and staff training.
• Formulate policy for carrying out academic audit.
• Formulate policy to strengthen academics.
• Ensure completion of all the academic activities in time.
• Ensure closure of departmental academic activities as per plan.
• Ensure progressive results.
• Monitor MOODLE activities in the institute.
• Monitor and corrective plan for the improvement of attendance.
• Ensure data up dating on website.
• Formulate activity plan.

Sr.No. Name of Member Designation
1 Dr. S.M. Deokar Principal
2 Mr. S. S. Mahulkar Academic Coordinator
3 Mrs. D. S. Jadhav Member
4 Mr. S. B. Gatkul Member
5 Mr. N.P. Niwalkar Member
6 Ms. S.B. Baraskar Member
7 Mr. S.T. Patil Member

To build and ensure quality culture at the institute .

M1: To develop the plan of implementation for all the disciplines in the institute and follow uniform procedures as directed by MSBTE.
M2: To analyse the feedback given by IAMC and EAMC and take remedial measures.
M3: To collaborate with industry for quality education and to undertake consultancy and training programmes.

1. To improve the academic performance of the institute.
2. To provide quality education by facilitating learner centric approach.
3. To implement curriculum effectively.

We, at Jayawantrao Sawant Polytechnic, being a recognized institute, are committed to impart technical education leading to diploma in engineering, following continuous improvement and social Awareness.

Sr.No. Name of Member Designation
1 Dr. S. M. Deokar Principal & Chairman
2 Mr. A. D. Sable HOD- Mechanical Engineering
3 Mr. M.S. Kalbande HOD- Computer Engineering
4 Mrs. M.M. Kulkarni HOD- Electronics & Telecommunication
5 Mr. R. P. Bembade HOD- Information Technology
6 Mr. A.B. Khemlapure HOD- Civil Engineering
7 Mrs. S. S. Patil Member
8 Mr. S.S. Mahulkar Member
9 Mr. N.P. Nivalkar Academic Coordinator
10 Ms. H.P. Yele Student Representative
11 Mr. S. S. Tupe Student Representative
12 Mrs. R.S. Tupe Parent Representative

To inculcate value system among students.

To prepare the candidate for successful working in diverse environment through various sports and cultural activities.

1. To ensure fitness amongst learners helping them to get involved rigorously in learning activities.
2. To imbibe qualities amongst learners supportive for their professional career.

1. Organize various indoor and outdoor games during annual sports week in the institute.
2. Formulate policy for participation in sports and cultural activities.
3. Provide required facilities for indoor and outdoor games.
4. Establish and maintain recreation center.
5. Organize exhibitions and talks highlighting importance of sports inculcating values.
6. Provide equal opportunities to boys and girls in sports and cultural activities.
7. Prepare activity plan for the academic semester.
8. Ensure data up dating on institute website.
9. Maintain MOM.

Sr.No. Name of Member Designation
1 Mr. P.S. Narwade Committee Head
2 Mr. V.R. Patil Member
3 Mr. A.V. Kulkarni Member
4 Mr. R.R. Malgaonkar Member
5 Mr. P.D. Dandge Member
6 Mr. J.S. Shendge Member
7 Mr. V.R. Hule Member
8 Mr. S.P. Wadkar Member
9 Mr. Nitin Jadhav Member
10 Mr. Mangesh Mahamuni Member
11 Ms. Shivpriya Desai Member

Bridge the gap between aspiring graduates and opportunities.

To impart additional training to act as link between institute and industry for facilitating placement activities.

1. To provide career related support to the students.
2. To emphasis on training the students on various employability skills and provide placement in various industries/organizations by organizing campus drives in and outside the institute.
3. To give feedback to the departments about industry/society needs.
4. To get accredited by various industries /organizations.

1. Collect and maintain up to date data base of students.
2. Collect and maintain placement/higher studies/entrepreneurship record of students well in time.
3. Maintain up to date data base of various recruiting organizations (email, phone).
4. Personal visits to such organizations.
5. Organize visits of industry personnel’s to institute.
6. Prepare placement brochure based on strength and skill-set of students.
7. Organize various drives in the institute and communicate to students through phone, e-mail , notice and announcement in class.
8. To ensure that the interview schedule be held on specified date and time.
9. After conducting drive ensure that results are declared and informed to all appeared students.
10. Maintain copy of Appointment letter of selected student.
11. Provide information about industries/organizations offering internships to students. (BOAT)
12. Extend required support for the students to opt internship.
13. Convey job opportunities in government /semi government and public sector.
14. Sign MOUs with industries for training and placement.
15. Conduct meetings with departments and HR from industries.
16. Survey of various industries regarding current requirement of employability skills. Provide appropriate training through department.
17. Ensure data up dating on website.
18. Formulate policy for training and placement cell.
19. Formulate department wise activity plan for semester.
20. Maintain MOM.

Sr.No. Name of Member Designation
1 Mr. A.M. Totade TNP Officer
2 Mrs. P.D. Patil TNP- Comp-I
3 Mr. D.N. Mali TNP- Comp-II
4 Mr. V.B. Burgute TNP- IT
5 Ms. M.V. Kakade TNP- ETC-I
6 Ms. V.Y. Erande TNP-ETC-II
7 Mr. S.B. Gatkul TNP-Mech-I
8 Mr. S.H. Atole TNP-Mech-II
9 Mr. A.E. Tamboli TNP-Civil-I
10 Mr. D.L. Bhusnar TNP-Civil-II

Creating, fostering and promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship among students.

To extend required support to aspiring entrepreneurs.

1. Provide required training for entrepreneurship development.
2. Provide required information for establishing venture.
3. Assist in identifying mentors and establishing network.

1. Organize training sessions frequently.
2. Organize seminars and workshop.
3. Organize business model competitions.
4. Organize stake holders meet.
5. Organize visits to KVIC (Khadi and Village Industries Commission), DIC (District Industries Center), STPI (Software Technology Parks in India), MCCIA (Maratha Chambers of Commerce Industries and Agriculture), Venture centers, TBI (Technology Business Incubators), etc.
6. Develop facilities like library for E-D cell.
7. Provide access to all institutional resources.
8. Establish office /work space for E-D cell.
9. Prepare semester wise activity plan.
10. Ensure data up dating on institute website.
11. Maintain MOM.

Sr.No. Name of Member Designation
1 Dr. S.M. Deokar Chairman
2 Mr. A.M. Totade Vice Chairman
3 Mr. M.S. Kalbande Secretory
4 Mrs. M.M. Kulkarni Faculty Treasurer
5 Mr. N. A. Bhad Faculty Advisor
6 Mr. V. S. Ture Faculty Advisor
7 Mr. V.B. Burgute Faculty Advisor
8 Mr. A.E. Tamboli Faculty Advisor
9 Mr. B.N. Mali Faculty Advisor
10 Mr. D.L. Bhusnar Faculty Advisor
11 Mr. A.S. Shaikh Faculty Advisor

To harness alumni association for mutual gain.

Institutional development through proactive activities involving alumni , at the same time offering professional development tools to the alumni.

1. To provide platform to strengthen relation among alumni, present students and faculty members.
2. To work in association for the benefit of institute.

1. Register alumni organization formally.
2. Ensure registration of all outgoing students in alumni association.
3. Extend all assistance and cooperation to the institute for growth and development of institute in the field of academics and research.
4. Perform collaborative activities leading towards the enhancement of skill and knowledge of the students in the institute.
5. Seek alumni assistance for the development of the institute.
6. Establish alumni chapters at the identified locations.
7. Publicize chapter , its activities and its achievements through E-news letters.
8. Maintain the alumni database.
9. Organize meetings and sessions of alumni with current students.
10. Prepare semester wise activity plan.
11. Ensure data up dating on institute website.
12. Maintain MOM.
13. Maintain year wise audit reports.

Sr.No. Name of Member Designation
1 Dr. S.M. Deokar Chairman
2 Mr. G. T. Sawant Vice Chairman
3 Mr. Y. A. Patil Secretary
4 Mr. A. A. Muppid Traesurer
5 Mr. A.M. Totade Faculty Coordinator
6 Ms. P.D. Patil Faculty Coordinator
7 Mr. M.S. Bhosale Alumni Coordinator
8 Mr. J. G. Antade Alumni Coordinator
9 Mr. S. R. Hande Alumni Coordinator
10 Mr. S.D. Hande Alumni Coordinator
11 Mr. S. D. Turkunde Alumni Coordinator
12 Mr. P.K. Sasane Alumni Coordinator
13 Mr. D.M. Shinde Alumni Coordinator

To root out ragging in all its forms from institution by prohibiting it by law, preventing its occurrence by following the provisions of these Regulations and punishing those who indulge in ragging as provided for in these Regulations and the appropriate law in force.

Sr.No. Name of Member Designation
1 Dr. S. M. Deokar Chairman
2 Mr. A. D. Sable Member
3 Mr. M.S. Kalbande Member
4 Mrs.M. M. Kulkarni Member
5 Mrs. S. M. Antad Member
6 Mr. R. P. Bembade Member
7 Mr. V. M. Chandankar Member
8 Mr. A.B. Khemlapure Member
9 Mr. A. D. Kamble Member
10 Mr. M. A. Taralkar Member
11 Mr. R. G. Jadhav Member
12 Mr. U. D. Shelke Media
13 Ms. J. T. Shinde NGO Member
14 Mr. G. K. Dalvi Parent
15 Ms. A. W. Shelke Counsellor
16 Ms. S. N. Koulge Member
17 Ms. A. S. Kamthe Member
18 Mr. S. D. Waikar Member

To develop a responsive attitude among the students community in order to maintain a healthy, Safe and Secure educational atmosphere in the institute.

i. To conducts seminars and lectures by specialists and eminent personalities to stop violence against women, sexual harassment at work and about health, hygiene etc. ii. to organize the meetings are regularly to resolve the oral and written complaints iii. to incorporate hygiene habits and ensure a healthy atmosphere in and around the college. iv. to equip them with the knowledge of their legal rights and redressal of their grievances.

Women Grievance Cell has been constituted in the Institute in accordance to the guidelines issued by the Government of India to consider complaints related to any sexual discrimination/harassment of women in the Institute. • To resolve issues pertaining to girls’/women’s sexual harassment. • To equip the female students, faculty and staff members with knowledge of their legal rights. • To safeguard the rights of female students, faculty and staff members. • To provide a platform for listening to complaints and redressal of grievances. • To incorporate hygiene habits and ensure a healthy atmosphere in and around the college. • To ensure personality along with academic development of students.

i. To maintain the records of grievances, actions taken thereon and settlement of grievances. ii. To conduct seminars and lectures by specialists and eminent personalities to stop violence against women, sexual harassment at work and about health, hygiene etc.. iii. Ensure data updating on institute website. iv. Maintain MOM

Sr.No. Name of Member Designation
1 Mrs. M.M. Kulkarni Chairperson
2 Ms. V. Y. Erande Member
3 Ms. S N. Ranaware Member
4 Ms. U. A. Barangale Member
5 Ms. K.D. Bhalerao Member
6 Ms. J.T. Shinde NGO Representative

The objective of the students Grievance Redressal Cell is to develop a responsive and accountable attitude among all the stakeholders in order to maintain a harmonious educational atmosphere in the JS Polytechnic.

Sr.No. Name of Member Designation
1 Dr. S. M. Deokar Chairman
2 Mr. A. D. Sable Member
3 Mr. M. S. Kalbande Member
4 Mrs. M.M. Kulkarni Member
5 Mr. V.M. Chandankar Member
6 Mr. H. K. Waghmare Member

To be a source of knowledge for advanced learning.

To provide conducive environment for learning by maintaining updated learning resources.

1. To act as a platform for fulfilling learning resource requirement.
2. Maintain contemporized learning tools as library resources.

1. Organising Training session for use of various resources available in the library.
2. Display of available facilities at prominent location in all department.
3. Celebrating Readers Day.
4. Organizing events for creating awareness among the user for utilization of library resources.
5. Displaying latest arrivals.
6. Request faculties to design appropriate assignment which motivates the students to use library resources.
7. Recommend the best resource to the user.
8. Declaring best user of the week.
9. Rewarding the best user of the year.
10. Enhancing readership through interaction with students and faculty members.
11. Extending better services to reader like, Conveying availability of demanded book/ Journal, etc.
12. Requesting department to allocate appropriate slot in time table for visiting the library.
13. Drafting policy for appropriate use of library for student and Faculty members.
14. Analysis of demand and use of given title by faculty and students.
15. Change in timing of library for its utilization considering availability of time for user.
16. Faculty must give the Literature survey assignment to students.
17. Organizing book exhibition in departments for awareness.
18. Prepare semester wise activity plan.
19. Ensure data up dating on institute web site.
20. Maintain MOM.

Sr.No. Name of Member Designation
1 Dr. S M. Deokar Principal
2 Ms. S.N. Kokate Librarian
3 Mr. V.B. Burgute Lecturer
4 Mrs. S. K. Jadhav Lecturer
5 Mr. G. R. Hole Lecturer
6 Ms. D. R. Patil Lecturer
7 Ms. S. U. Mohite Lecturer
8 Mrs. N.B. Bhogade Lecturer
9 Ms. Y.K. Veer Lecturer
10 Ms. P.A. Nikam Lecturer
11 Mr. V.K. Sambhar Lecturer

Sr.No. Name of Member Designation
1 Dr. S. M. Deokar Chief Officer Incharge
2 Prof. M. S. Kalbande Officer Incharge
3 Prof. D. Y. Jangam Sealing Supervisor
4 Prof. N. P. Nivalkar Relieving Supervisor
5 Prof. R. S. Yewale Relieving Supervisor
6 Prof. S. P. Wadkar Relieving Supervisor
7 Prof. V. V. Kharde Billing and Record keeping Supervisor
8 Mr. C. V. More Relieving Supervisor
9 Mr. V. H. Mahajan Computer Programmer
10 Ms. U. A. Barangale Billing and Record keeping Supervisor