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Semester End Examination (SEE) CO Attainment

The Teaching and Examination scheme is provided by MSBTE for every semester, which includes the components viz. Sessional Work Test, Theory Examination, Practical/Oral examination and term work along with the maximum marks allotted for each component. The marks of the applicable components are added and attainment of course outcome is found by determining the number of students who have met the set standard in the said subject.

A. Sessional Work Test (SWT)

  • Two SWTs are conducted in each semester
  • MSBTE provides sample question papers as a guideline for setting question paper for SWT.
  • Course outcomes (COs) are considered while setting the question paper.
  • Subject teacher submits two sets of question papers for every subject, from which one question paper is selected.

B. Continuous Assessment of Term Work and Skill Test

  • MSBTE provides format for Continuous Assessment of Term Work ( D4)
  • MSBTE provides Manuals for smooth conduction of practical along with assessment guidelines.
  • Subject teacher assesses the students based on CPA i.e. (Cognitive, Psychomotor, Affective) Methodology.
  • Progressive evaluation is done by subject teacher as per the prevailing curriculum implementation and assessment norms.
  • Progressive Skill Test (PST) is conducted in each semester as per the academic calendar for assessing practical skills of the students.

C. Final Assessment For Oral / Practical/Online Examination ( External/ Internal)

  • MSBTE Provides format for Final Assessment of Oral / Practical / Online Examination i.e. ( D5)
  • The Marks of PST are considered in final assessment of oral / Practical/ Online Examination (D5 Format).
  • Students are assessed based on the performance in PR/OR/Online Examination.

d. MSBTE Theory Examination

  • MSBTE theory examination is conducted as per the schedule given in MSBTE calendar.
  • The weightage of theory paper is as per the teaching and examination scheme provided by MSBTE.